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Why the Brembo Brake System Is Unbeatable According to Brembo!

According to BREMBO: 5 FACTORS THAT MAKE A BREMBO BRAKING SYSTEM UNBEATABLE Brembo brakes might not be the only high-performance braking system out there, but they are one of the most widely recognized and most reputable, even if you don’t know much about cars. Brembo braking systems combine unequalled performance and braking comfort. A must have if you  ...own a high-performance road car such as Corvette, Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari.... ...want to successfully brake from 62 mph to 0 in just 2.2 seconds with more precision, greater braking torque, the ability to dissipate and repeatedly brake aggressively with no issue ...a more safety-conscious and quality conscious motorist ...want to significantly improve braking performance But how is it possible for a standard braking system to achieve such abrupt braking?  Here are 5 ingredients of the Brembo braking systems that determine unrivalled performance. 1) Dimensions 2) Lightness - Best Weight to Stiffness Ratio 3) Friction

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